i am usually good in writing titles.. but i can’t think of any right now… tsk tsk.. i’ll leave it blank

I got interested with the book The Curious Incident of the Dog at the Night-time (by Mark Haddon) instantly when i saw it in the bookstore. I recall seeing the book with a dormmate but i never heard of her coommens or reaction. but that was a long time ago… several months…

The novel was about Christopher John Francis Boone, an fifteen(i think) year old who has autism. It ws explained in the first part of the book that Christopher aside from being very intelligent (especially in math and logic), finds it hard to understand human emotions. At first he uses a chart of human emotions a friend and teacher drew for him.
But one murder of a poodle changed his life, turned his world upside down. A neighbor’s dog was killed one night, and he was mistaken for the culprit, the og murderer. Because he loves dogs, he started his investigation on who killed Wellington, the dog.
Intertwined with the book some of his ideas, thoughts and a few memories of his mom, dad and school. The detective work (a la Sherlock Holmes, who is in fact his favorite character, Hound of Baskervilleshis favorite book) led into a shocking discovery regarding his own family.
His logic is so astonishing and his experience could be fun. It was a very fun novel at the start but when the revelations came, i can’t help it but to cry. I felt broken for him and his father. Sometimes i think his father doesn’t deserve that ending. but knowing how a Christopher John Francis Boone thinks, he can’t really argue with his decisions.
The simplicity of Christopher Boone as a young man searching for answers and his complexity as an individual who only understands math and logic (and science) makes this book a very worthwhile read, and him a very powerful character. The book was very well written- a novel out of an autisic mind. The story and his character creed a compelling mix, with the readers thinking, where would these actions lead him? or how would this story end?

Never have i read a story as honest heartwarming and powerful as this.


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