One Weird Morning

I woke up six o’ clock… dizzy and vomity. I went straight to bed because if i don’t i would most certainly pass out.

We should be presenting our projects in the Design phase. I felt sort of guilty for being so sick and not going to school. After some time, i looked at my mobile phone and saw a message saying that i should go to school for the ‘defense’. The message was from a groupmate. i erased(i think) the message and wemt back to sleep. after a while there’s another message in my phone. i tried to read the mesage because m eysight is a bit blurred. my groupmate texted that out instructor scolded them because of being so…. blah! then a message followed saying that they don’t want me to be their group mate and found a replacement.
i became very worried. first, my groupmate (who i haven’t seen -ever- mad before ) is angry at me and second, not submitting the work will kill my/our grades.
i sent her a message aking for her location and she had peform her part of work. she replied that there was no defense only a lecture. i felt confused so i explained her about me being sick and then i asked if she really sent those messages.
she replied… with smileys and her usual cheerful self: you really are sick. get some rest. She also added that she can’t take me out of the group because she can’t do the project and even pass without me…

whew! that was a relief!

now, i think that receiving those messages were part of one bizaare dream created by guilt.


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