Don’t Let Him Die

Wednesday, i have to get back home… well to Cavite. The first bus that happened to have the sign Silang seemed to be screaming STANDING ROOM ONLY. So for forty five minutes in the an hour and a half ride i was *sigh standing.

In the first few minutes in there, i looked at the men sitting comfortable, some even sleeping. then, i looked at the women, anxious to go home but standin along the aisle in their high heels and skirts/slacks.

Soon some passengers went down. I thought, i woul just let the other women sit first. I amn still young, i can manage. But then, after more passengers went off more men (i repeat MEN) hurries to a seat. One even stepped in my toes *ouch!. I said to myself. Don’t let Chivalry die.

Well, he is not yet dead. When I was the only person with two x chromosomes standing. A man offered me a seat when a passenger went down. but hmmm. I let him take the seat. It is fun to stand in a moving bus.. hehe.

I recall. i wish there is more of this man or my brother or some of our Choir mates.. i wish there are still more of them who respects and honors women. With that simple act there is still hope for men in this rapidly changing fast paced world. Not all of them will turn into smug selfish idiots.. excuse for the word.

hah.. what am i thinking.. did i make a point in all this
I hope so.


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