Hi, I Am *bleep and I Am An Addict

In a day, i need to consume at least 3 mugs of either coffee (hot or cold), tea (hot or cold), chocolate or a caffeine laden energy drink. A day is not complete without any of these plus a bar or two of chocolate bought only a few inches away from the door of our room. BTW, the dorm is turning into a sari sari store. LOL

I will die if there is something wrong with the computers in the 2nd floor of the dormitory – the PC’s with internet connection… wheezzze wheeeezzzze… Last week is a hellweek because a virus infected all the PC’s wheeeze, whheeeeze!

I will not stop until i finish my novels… all of them. i have asked about wars, and close combat and weapons from a org mate so that i could continue with the war scenes. I am even writing my own language for the story because they can not possible speak in english, my characters are not of this Earth. Take Note, i planneed writing the novel before i even heard or watched Lord of the Rings, so don’t get any ideas.. anyway, my story is waay different from that. I, an average creture, should not be compared with J.R.R. Tolkien, who is a genius. The same goes with our works.. hah! am i getting paranoid? err defensive? hope not.
but i still wish, want to be a published writer… haaaay

—->Vector Art
After seeing a Vector Tutorial, i can’t stop myself from turning all picture got interested in into a Vector art. I hope i will be good at it. enough said.

—>Photmanipulation and Digital Painting
I have been an addict on this eversince i discovered gimp and photshop.. oh, well.

i made buying books a weekly habit, and no one can stop me. and i am planning on buying more books from Banana Yoshimoto, Arundhati Roy, Murukami(i forgot the first name), Wei Hui, Paulo Coelho… etc…etc and also classics!!!
sometimes, i mean oftentimes looking at the backs of the books (price tag) make me want to cry but still i buy those things…. ahhhh!! must….buy….. books…must….buy….. books…must….buy….. books…must….buy….. books…must….buy….. books…must….buy….. books…

i sure wish i could get addicted into my academics. *sigh


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