Who or What Is Myishi?

Two books by Eoin Colfer used this name. In the WishList, myishi is a computer genius in the great pit and in The Supernaturalist, myishi is the name of a corporation that controls(yeah) the whole Satelitte City. Now, I am getting curious.
The Supernaturalist is a futurisic novel by Eoin Colfer, the writer of the Artemis Fowl series and The Wish List.
Cosmo Hill was taken in Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parenally Challenged Boys after discovering him alone in Cosmonaut Hill. It didn’t take a long time before Cosmo discovered that way the institute is treating them could kill them. The average lifespan of a no-sponsor(children with no biological or adoptive parents) is fifeen years. So for fourteen years he was waiting for the time he will get adopted but soon his hopes went down. Until one day, he had the chance to escape the institute.
After a near-death experience he met a group of people who they call themselves the Supernaturalists. And at that time his adventure starts. The figh against the parasites, which are creature sonly them, and those who had near death experiences. The parasites werre said to suck the life force of an injured.
In ther end there are will be shocking discoveries and revelations that can make them doubt on what they believe in, how they live and what they lived for.
Eoin Colfer has written another book that you can’t put down, the pages just fly by with you not noticing. At first the book is a bit slow but it gradually catches spend until the very dramatic ending.
He also never fails to create interesting characters like the Bartoli Baby, Ditto, who is a product of a series of experiments on genes.
He also has the magic to create a fun book from a very sad scenario, a scenario which may happen to our earth unless we do something.
I also noticed that the book is open ended with signs of a sequel.
So I should I expect one? hmmmm…..

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