The Easiest Way to Get a Headache

The ceiling fan got broken… hmmm what to do? tsk. tsk.

Get the industrial fan from teh second floor. We have a good reason.. the only ceiling fan we have got broken so we need air. It is hot in the Philippines for sobbing out loud!
Next, knowing that there is a fan in the room that can generate enough air for all of us (thought it can’t turn)… keep cool. sleep.
Then, wake up at the morning, with your bed wet. No, not because you peed. duh! Wet because of SWEAT.

Now, why would i sweat that much, the fan is enough for all of us. Think.
Someone… some one is just hugging the fan all for herself. or maybe it is three against one. I am not quite sure.

I have been vocal about it.. but duh! they are just selfish creeps…

oooooooh… that really is giving me a head ache.

good thing the fan’s fixed. =)


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