Thank You For Giving Me Strenght

i read about Sinless Anger in Our Daily Bread this very early morning [2AM].

as for this moment i am at a struggle reagrding relationships, a part of human life which i should receive a grade lower than 5.

but at least i made a move. i sent a message to one of the two. to the person whom i feel less resentment. i hope she reads that as early as possble.

the people around are pushing me to make a move. five weeks is a really long time to not talk with someone. i recall, i stopped talking to a classmate for a year. they reated, “may balak ka bang talunin yung record na iyon?!”
oh, well…..

the thing is. i know that i am full of pride and bitterness. i know i am weak. and i know that the only way to gain peace is to have peace in one’s self. so i made a move. maybe not to both but as someone said “take it a step at a time”
He gave me the strength to take the first step. i am grateful for it. and i also thank Him for putting these people around me. These people who constantly bump my head and pester me.


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