Year end Report

I never though that I would be crazy enough to write a year end report.. i have never done this in my entire life… oh well, t2005 is really a crazy year for me… 🙂

January 2005
The New Year was celebrated in the house of our uncle where we bonded with our cousins. i wasn’t expecting much of 2005 but then i never realized that this is one crazy ride.
i submitted on January 6 two of my works. One was a sketch,

Merriam, a character I created for a story/game planned when i was still a freshman.
the next one is the the colored version of I Will Find Light using PhotoImpression. I haven’t discovered the software called Adobe Photoshop.. ha!

Twelve works mostly on the genre of Photography was submitted. This included the work that earned the most comments and favorites fora long period of time.. and also my personal favorite A Cry for Help

Also, I changed my Operating system from Linux RED HAT to Microsoft WINDOWS XP. Then, i dicovered Adobe Photoshop and i submitted my first Photoshop Digital painting in the form of Hikaku Kurai

February 2005
I have been too crazy about the movie staring Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler. What movie am I refering to? Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. I bought a cd and for the whole month i have been singing and listening to the reord. I even downloaded a copy of the script of the play For Valentines, I submitted the work, the Phantom also, a portrait of a lady who has a resemblance to Christine.

Another February deviantArt submission was a sketch entitled One Night Stand. It is one of my most misunderstood works until now.

March 2005
The event that i could remember during this month is the Dormitory Open House. This time, i slept soundly and I wasn’t as harassed as the past Open House.

I also had problems with people who can’t seem to understand my situation. This thing has not been resolved because I didn’t confront the person and the problem.
March was also the time when a friend and I planned to watch a concert but because of a physics exam we missed it.
This was also the month when numerous poems were posed in my deviantart account.

This month was a mix. A blend of resentment and bitterness mixed with the wicked emotion due to my female genes (whatever that means). I was acting partially me and not me as i developed a crush?! can you believe it?!
April was also my birth month. This year I treated my family to one of the most expensive ‘eateries’ -haha! .
My sister also graduated this month.
Only five deviations were submitted and i was exploring more on photmanipulation and photography.
Haay.. this is a emotional rollercoaster.. to understand more read previous posts.

I explored ‘photomanipulation’ in this month using several stocks from deviantart.
my gloominess coninued in this month.
As for my deviantart account, i hit 666 pageviews… not bad. i also submitted more works in the photomanipulation category.
i also discovered who the blck cheaters were….

more photomanipulation submissions. some works were scary.

but one was greatly appreciated.

i also got too mushy this month… it’s so sick!

{to be continued}


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