What’s Going On…

All of a sudden, I decided to create a design for my blog in the notepad, for 3 hours and here’s what i got.
I am not sure if this will be a temporary design…

now, what’s going on with my life…

Yesterday, i used 2 hours in the internet serching for pages not related to my subjects, to write an article on something very relevant for the month of March. Now, I am doing it again. This time not for that article.. but because of editing my blog template.

what’s wrong with that?

well, i do think that nothing’s wrong with doing those but if you have a 2 storey residence floor plan, perspective, elevations, vicinity map, site development map to draw and ink in 2 20″x 30″ tracing paper. that could be a problem.

It is a bigger problem when you have a feasibility study to be passed on the 17th.

i have scheduled all the things that I should do in my planner, but i often do not follow it. hah! the professional crammer…


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