s t a r S [tr] U C K

I am not an avid viewer of the reality-based celebrity search on a Philippine TV network. The lack of talent most contestants show irritates me. Philippine TV and Cinema already suffers from lack of talent and clichéd themes. I don’t think this would be much help to our dying entertainment industry.

No, I don’t think I am better than those contestants. Humility aside, I know I can act. I can sing, though far from worshipy. I can dance. But I don’t like prancing around the camera and be a doll – a doll with a pretty face but lifeless. I am not physically attractive – if you based it on the human standards of beauty. And I am not the type of person who likes to mingle with other people. I will not even in my wildest dreams join a celebrity search for instant fame. But I can see who has potential and talent.

There is one reason I try to watch even a few episodes of the show. I want to catch a glimpse of Stef Prescott. For me, not only does she have the most beautiful face, she also has the most versatile. Hers is perfect for an antagonist. She can also look like a damsel in distress, though not evident due to her competitive nature. And she is just beautiful with long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight hair.

She is also the contestant whom I see talent. She projects well in the camera. She can carry character (though lacks depth). But she is consistent. You can see that she is giving effort in the activities. And if effort is not shown, she can still pull it off well. She acts and looks like a natural.

Her attitude has a flaw, however. She can be proud at times. I think, that attitude could help push the other girls to show some effort. But then, she could get overboard with it. Charisma is an important attribute for a celebrity. By acting proud, she can lose fans. Celebrities become big not just because of their talent but because of their over all charm.

With that, she didn’t make it to the Final Six or Survivor Six or whatever. One thing that annoys me is the other people who made it to the final six. It is exasperating to know that a person who looks like a doll (refer to the 2nd paragraph for my definition) would be chosen over a person with talent. They say she had improved. Improvement? She improved form level 1 to level 1.5. That is still improvement – haha!! I seriously think that many people like her for because she looks like another celebrity or simply because she is eye candy. Hah… if people adore celebrities only because of their physical attributes then, I don’t think there is hope for the entertainment industry.

Why don’t we all consider this – Film and Television are not just for entertainment purposes. They are also art forms. They could bring to life novels. They could tell stories not only by words but by movements.

When will our country produce films like Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Amelie?


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