My muse is back, I think…

Here are something i wrote this year…

I took it all
A single spear shot through my chest
A rain of arrows
From shadows without faces

I shouldn’t have let myself feel
This pain
For I chose to harm none
Now wallow in the murky sea

I could not
Let my heart give in
I can not let myself
Bear the pain within

Silence felt like suicide
So don’t blame me
If I strike my sword
To his spine
That ceased to exist


Well chosen words
Playing safe
Not looking for sympathy
Mad to hear your side
Struggling to win me over
Still I stay at center
Not wavered by your words

Deceptive movements
Still trying to conceal
The intent of those words
Your mind games
Still playing safe
The mouth doesn’t speak
Yet words were spilled
Bled by your actions

You made your world small

Then c r u m
                       s         e       g         t
                           i                     a
                    i         n t             r

The call of the flesh
The battles with reason
Yet still deceive
I will show no pity

For your words
For your actions
Remain nothing but

Since I transfered, I never had the time or inspiration to write anything… writing this two meant something…


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