After a Month

my last entry was dated March 15…. whoa… i haven’t post an entry for a week…
come to think of it, i still have a lot of unfinished articles in my PC. my article for MARCH has been overdue.. hah, procrastination… and i haven’t started on my Five Score… album review.

so.. how was i in the past few weeks…
i have been sulking, realizing that what i have planned for this summer has not pushed through… many external forces are trying to stop me from my plans. that problem is, i could have done something to prevent this, or to let me pursue my plans… but then, the weak me let them decide what i should do for this summer. the problem is, what they want me to do is something uncertain… then, one after the other, my plans collapse and new things -things that i do not like- replaced those they successfully tore apart. blah.. blah.. blah..

to simply put.. I am now doing things that i did not plan to do for this summer and that kinda sucks.

anyway, i visited my deviantart art site and found myself sulking some more… certain dreams came back to me, dreams that could not and will not happen. at that time i am starting to feel extreme sadness, hopelessness in our current situation.
turning back time is impossible.


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