Okay Okay Okay

I hate pink.

But come to think of it, considering pink as the color the uber-feminine prefers makes me feel like I am putting walls around the hue. That also means I am labeling it as that something which can not be used in a different way or by different kind of people. Here are some stuff that I’ve read from Sensational Color (http://www.sensationalcolor.com/):

Bright pinks have the same effect on us as red. They stimulate energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate.
Bright pinks also encourage action and confidence.
Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively to reduce erratic behavior.

The pink ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.
In Japan, the color pink has a masculine association. The annual blooming of the cherry trees, with it’s pink blossoms, each spring ( the Sakura ) is said to represent the young Japanese warriors who fell in battle in the prime of life ( the Samurai).
The city of Jaipur City is a foremost tourist attraction in India because of its superlative forts, grandiose palaces, vivacious temples, multicolored bazaars, pulsating streets and its distinguished pink color to which the city owes its oft-used name ‘The Pink City’. Learn more about this colorful city

Marrakesh is another city associated with the color pink. It is sometimes refered to as the “Rose City”, describing it’s salmon pink colored buildings and the red clay of it’s terrain. Learn more about the Rose City

Pink signifies happiness and joy in Catholicism.

A pink triangle is frequently used to represent gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.
The origin of the pink triangle goes back to when Nazis labeled their prisoners in concentration camps. Men who had been jailed because of supposed homosexuality had to wear the pink triangle on their clothing. In more recent times, this symbol is a sign of pride.

With that, I will no longer hate that color. Just don’t let me wear anything pink. 🙂


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