Inday pa rin si Inday

have thought of something sensible (I guess) to post.

The first Inday joke that I have read was her resignation letter. At first, I thought it was the only joke about Inday, a very intelligent maid. After a few days, someone sent me more Inday quotes and jokes.

Then, my sister one day went home talking about the influx of these SMS jokes. I can’t say that I am really happy with this but somehow it changed how people look at the name INDAY.

Inday is a Cebuano word used to call or to refer to a female, usually younger ones. As years go by, many Filipinos from Visayas and Mindanao, travelled to Luzon to work. There is scarcityy of work in those areas. Most of the females end up as maids. With that, the definition of the word changed. Inday is now ‘a maid.’

With that change of definition, the people who speaks Cebuano are now seen as ‘maids.’ Even in television, the usual Filipino maid are portrayed as ‘bisaya.’

I don’t think that being a maid is bad. It is a decent job, if you are only working as a maid. But to box people, to make it a stereotype, that is something that I detest.

I can’t help but to recall how the Filipinos reacted on that Desperate Housewives episode. They cried ‘racial discrimination’ but look at how they discriminate their own neighbors. As I see it, Filipinos discriminate others. They put labels on other people especially those from other regions.

I am happy that Inday has become a very intelligent person. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is still seen as a maid.

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