Prince Caspian

“Everything you know is about to change forever.”

The long wait is finally over. Prince Caspian is now showing here in the Philippines!

We(my siblings and I) set a date to watch the much awaited film. And I was not disappointed.(note: I like films that has an effect on me, even long after I watched it.) I loved how they brought to life the characters like Reepicheep and Trumpkin. However, I was a bit annoyed because of THAT thing going on between Queen Susan and Prince Caspian… (grrrr… Caspian is mine >.<)

Will write a film review soon. I must reread the book. Rereading the book could help me find insights on how the story was changed to fit film and the market…. oki oki…

and yeah, let me just say…. CASPIAN is SOOOO CUTE…. (sheesh….)


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