The Rebirth of the Prince

A film review on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

This year, 2008, Walt Disney and Walden Media brought to the big screen the 4th book (2nd – if according to year written) of the Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. The story has undergone a bit of changes. From a children’s story of a young prince, it was evolved into a dark tale of revenge and betrayal.

The younger years of Caspian is not feature in the film; the time when he was a boy who was very fond of his nurse and the stories of old Narnia. The movie started with the birth of King Miraz’ son. This lead to his escape from the castle because of the plan to murder the prince.

Scenes were also added that were entirely different from the original text. The castle of King Miraz was attacked by the Narnians lead by The High King Peter. Within that sequence, they rescued the prince’ tutor, Cornelius.

Aside from the attack, the death of King Miraz was changed from humiliation to betrayal. The River god, who in the book destroyed the bridge before the Telmarines retreated, destroyed the bridge as the trees attack and drowned the Telmarines. Susan, who was supposed to be by Lucy’s side, ended up with the Kings and Prince Caspian.

Some of the characters were also introduced to some changes. Prince Caspian, who was a boy in his teens in the book, seemed older and filled with angst. The High King Peter has become a bit indignant. Several scenes show conflict between the two which was supposed to be very unlikely. In the book, Caspian has shown great respect to the High King.

Romance between Prince Caspian and Queen Susan (eeeek!) is also added. There are many times within the whole movie that the two would shot meaningful glances at each other. And in the end, as the Pevensies bid farewell to their Narnian friends, Queen Susan kissed Prince Caspian. (GAH!!!!! x_X)

If there are characters that really stand out it would be Reepicheep, was in fact, the most lovable character in the movie. He is was the exact replica of the noble mouse in the book. (“You’re a mouse?”)

How they brought Narnia to life, like the first film, is truly outstanding. Every scene is like a painting; every shot, perfect. Their attention to detail is remarkable. From the ruins, to the forests, to Miraz’ castle and Aslan’s How, they have turned the story into a real world. The score added more magic and emotion to the movie. Regina Spektor’s voice is simply divine. 🙂(the first though in my mind: Must buy the soundtrack….)

To sum it up, for me, the movie has a more lasting effect than the first one. (Probably, because of the action and ….BB as C… hahaha!) Some themes and scenes were added to increase its market. But they have compromised some of the characters’ persona. It was a rebirth. They somehow reinvented the story to attract more moviegoers but have tampered with the story’s spirit. I am not really that disappointed, some changes could be done but the essence of the story should not be compromised.


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