Sore Feet, Empty Pockets

I’ve set my mind on one goal – Lyndon Gregorio’s graphic novel, Go-Beerkada: The Rise of The Jhologs.

When I finally have the book in my hands, I gleefully searched for familiar faces. I found Gran gran Darky in the daMeat booth setting up her sign and portfolio for people looking for a ready made artwork or commission art. Soon, I met up with Jolo and Steph.
For the whole day we walked around, bought some comics, meet more people and watched Jolo (dressed as Hetalia’s Korea) being harrassed by Nikka.
I saw lots of DA people.. happy to meet you all.
I want home with sore feet and comics to read. It was tiring but I had a lot of fun (except for my dramatic exit in the evening-not gonna elaborate much on that).
The next con’s on November. Sure wish it would be as fun as that day… or even better. ^__^

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