Let It Rain, Baby… Let It Rain..

Listening to the songs from Relient K’s album Let It Snow, Baby… Let It Reindeer reminded me that Advent or the Yuletide season is fast approaching. I was excited a few months ago. I have a job then and though we changed residences for the nth time, I’m kind of optimistic that the year would be pretty swell.

Months passed, I try to imagine how I could put even a little decor or what to cook to celebrate the Holidays.
and then…
Been busy with work.
Got frustrated with it.
Still kept working so I can earn.
Didn’t earn much.
Saved a huge portion.
Spent the money on some stuff that i needed(and some, i wanted).
From the supposed to be full time employment… now, they just call me if there’s a shoot.
I ended up not saving any.
Decided to quit.
(has not yet officially quit)
Is now jobless.
In the dark times, there will always be something that could pull you out of the blues. The Christmas in my mind may not happen. But it’s not yet late. I can’t just wait for things to get better. I have to act on it.
For now, I listen to the heartwarming melodies from the computer speakers…
So look at me now
Its finally Christmas and I’m home
Head Indoors to get out of this weather
And I dont know how
But the closest friends I’ve ever known
Are all inside
Singing together
Singing Merry Christmas, Heres to Many More

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