With Several Pending Entries…

It’s official: planning does NOT work for me.

I have been attending the ‘SImbang Gabi’ for a few days when I thought of writing it as a journal entry. I also thought of an blog entry about how I think the church changed since I left for Cavite. I thought of writing about the times my sister and I come home late because of various church related activities. I planned to write a recap of the eventful 2009. Now, four days after we welcomed 2010, still, I haven’t posted any of the planned entries.
I am now writing about something I just thought of as I was on a jeepney, on my way to some chores.
I have always thought of things to do or buy when I win a huge amount of money, specifically from the lottery. Charity, condo units, computers, a house, furniture, businesses are among the things in my head when the huge amount of money comes into my mind (yes, millions!).
As the jeepney turned to a narrower street, I saw people sleeping by the sidewalks. Instantly, a farm and an apartment building came into my mind.
What if I have lots of money, build a farm, take these people in, train them and let them work there. A third of the crops will be the food they will eat and the rest will be sold. Three thirds of the money got from the sales will return to the workers.
They will all eat like on big family. Every one must be taught to think of the fellow workers. They will have their own sleeping quarters and clothes. But they can buy for themselves anything they want from the money they earn.
With that in mind, will they keep working? Will they stay? Will they be happy in that way of life?

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