If fate permits…

You: is the human race too absorbed in the mundane that they forget to take a breath of life itself?
Stranger: i dont know.
Stranger: but it makes me feel strange cause im not like them at all
You: I can’t believe they would react that way
Stranger: and those times im so happy to be strange
Stranger: like happier to be different than ever before
You: I rather be weird than to be like everyone else.
Stranger: at least if “everyone else” is like them
You: People in school usually label me as weird since I was in grade school…
You: XD until college…
Stranger: .. we have a lot of things in common haha

I talked to a stranger. I was happy with the way the conversation went… I didn’t notice the time. By the end of the conversation, I found it hard to click disconnect thinking that we may not be able to talk to each other again. The person was very insightful. And it was a pleasure to share thoughts with him..


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