I once again hear the voice of a broken heart in my head.

No, the voice isn’t mind. I know I haven’t that way. The closest I got to it, I think, is a fixation towards a persons who excels in a field of my interest or an infatuation to someone who seem to actually give a damn with what I’m thinking or how a feel.

I can feel the pain the words. The simple statement echoes a lot of a wish that things turned out differently, that person to whom he expressed his adoration won’t shun the declaration.

But, I guess, the reaction could not be helped. She seem not share the same degree of love. The confession a bit too sudden. Well, is there any other way that it would not take someone in a surprise. I know she was not expecting it. She sees their relationship in a different eyes.

As an outsider, I could only offer a simple advice. Space. They cannot take back what was said. They need time to sort things out, to calm the waves caused by that tiny bit of revelation, to be able to breathe restricted space caused by the emotions filling up that tiny room.

Do I have the right or the authority to give those words? I haven’t been in a relationship. The last time something like this happened with me met a bitter end of friendship. I think I have the tendency to try help others fix what I cannot fix in my life. I guess, my gut tells me that they deserve better, and that someone watches over them.

At the back of my head, I wonder, is there someone who does the same. Is there someone who actually cares to watch over me? Asking that question makes me feel as vulnerable as the ones I’m trying to protect.

But I cannot let it show.

I won’t let it.


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