In six hours, I’m supposed to be in the university a city away from my current residence. However, I can’t get my self to sleep. I chugged a venti cafe mocha a few hours ago and my brain has gone amok. Good thing, I guess, since I needed to write another journal entry. I am now second guessing whether I can make it to this morning’s event.
Only few hours after our college organization’s acquaintance party ended, I found myself in a discussion over the night’s activities. Much that I want to think that the event was actually success, what I’ve heard from my colleagues tell me otherwise. Honestly, their words reinforced my opinion on what has transpired.
The rented area seemed to not have enough air conditioning devices to maintain a tolerable temperature for an event with around a hundred people. There were not enough seats. The sound system is merely a karaoke machine of some sort- the one you see on cheap KTV’s.
The organization officers who were present during the ocular did say that the venue was perfect for the party. Plus points were given for the affordability of the venue. When I got to the venue, I was puzzled. I had no idea how they got to that conclusion. I simply do not understand how they were charmed into the area.
The venue was not the only thing that received flak. There were dissatisfaction over how the program was handled. Someone should have worn an item of clothing to make the performance less… hmm.. revealing. Some people should have considered other people’s decision before declaring something. Some parts should have been prioritized more. 
I tried not to be too particular on the details of the event.  I wanted my hands off the project. Partying definitely is not my thing. However, I cannot overlook the things that others notice. I am working for a group of people. My position in the organization is not for show.
I know myself as a person who sets almost impossible standards. I. now, wonder what the other members of our organization set their standards.

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