Chronicles of a Student Journalist: In A Room Full of Media Practitioners.

The clock stroke 10. I bolted out our apartment unit as quickly as possible and headed to the train station. My strides were short but swift. At the same time, my heart beat faster. And it is not because I get tired too easily.

After five stations, I walked to the venue of the press conference.

I can feel butterflies running amok in my stomach the moment I saw the set up. I was so amazed that I am in a press conference. It is like living the life of the journalist. The anxiety partially subsided when two of my classmates arrive. They arrived a few minutes ahead of the Kapuso network van with Kara David in it.

When the press conference was about to start, we went inside the room where the cameras have already been set up, and the table for the cabinet secretary had been prepared. I found myself inside the room of working journalists. It was really intimidating considering that I am at a loss for works as to what am I doing there and how should I act or what should I do while there.

After announcing the information from their office, questions followed. Initially I had questions in my head, but the reporters/journalists already asked them. I had another question in mind but I never had the guts to ask the question.

When we left, (after my classmate mustered courage to ask for a picture with Kara David) I kept on asking myself why didn’t I become brave enough to speak. That is what our careers require…

I guess, it would take time especially for a socially awkward person like me.

It definitely is one memorable experience.


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