Personal Reflections


SCAN_0019Wow. A whole month without an update. I was hoping that I would be updating more frequently. But alas, things like this happen.

The transition period from a year of employment seemed to hit me a bit late. I left my old job mid June. However, due to a few activities, – oh, wait, I guess visits would be a more appropriate term- I didn’t really feel the adjustment immediately.

The lack of updates does not mean that I have been completely slacking the past month as I have been working on a few personal pieces. I did finish a food illustration set and worked on a few pieces that would help me recall and practice what I’ve learned from the previous workshop.

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Personal Reflections

In Between

This is the first of the exercises from Writing 101: Build a Blogging Habit by The Daily Post

When I was close to graduating from my 2-year Vocational degree, I remembered promising myself to leave a mark on this world. I want to actually do something significant. A couple of years short to a decade later, I feel like I am getting nowhere.

I always had the impression that there is a need to focus on one skill to be able to be really good at it and succeed. I had a problem with that. I simply could not make up my mind which between writing and art should I drop and which should I concentrate on more.

I would usually attribute it to being torn between the two skills/talents that I both love and see myself growing in – creating art and writing. When I got a better understanding on creating an identity as a blogger, I realized that those two do not need to compete.

As a artist, I can interpret in paper (or digitally) the beauty I see in the world. I can create images of my thoughts. I can sketch portraits. I can doodle people I see. I can paint the scenes from my travels.

As a writer, I can translate in words out my views and opinions on the world. I can chronicle my journey as artist. I can share insights on my craft. I can enlighten people of my processes. And most importantly, I encourage aspiring creatives such as myself to do the things they love.

Somehow, I am blessed to be born on the decades when developments in technology can make it possible for me to pursue both.

I do not need to be torn in between.

Personal Reflections

Just Draw.

I think it has been weeks since I tried to start and finish an artwork. For the past months, most my works are quick portrait sketches in a small journal I keep in a drawer in the office.

I kept promising myself to get back to painting as soon as I got adjusted with my new job. But that has not happened yet. I told myself to work on artworks based on the recent trip to Visayas. Yet, I haven’t even selected which scenes to paint. Continue reading “Just Draw.”

Personal Reflections

To the Man who First Broke my Heart,

I will not make this lengthy. After all, no amount of words can fully explain what has happened and how it affected us.


It would have been easier if you came clean and explained to us what happened, if not starting from the very beginning, at least, the past decade. Alas, all we had are promises that we no longer believe in. The years of lies and deceit taught us not to easily trust. Continue reading “To the Man who First Broke my Heart,”

Personal Reflections


And it continues to burn…

Our nationhood remain slowly turning into ashes

until we learn the lessons of the past.
As the country battles against foreign oppressors,
we, too, wage a battle against ourselves.
The battle for freedom is far from over.
Until we stop focusing on on personal interests
look at the bigger picture,
and do something to fix this mess,
the fire eating up our banner might be extinguished.
Personal Reflections

One Step at a Time

Prior to the completion of this blog entry, I tried two times to write a piece on trying to move forward from a very low point in my life. The first one was entitled “Resurrection,” and the other, is “On My Feet.”

While the first titles seem to possess a very positive outlook leaning towards “phoenix moment” where I rise above the ashes of brokenness, both attempts failed to be completed. Worse, both only remained titles.
I guess, it is a bit symbolic, The latter title seemed to picture me to be already stable and good to go. However, that is not completely true. Sure, I have been worked on my personal website and have been constantly painting to keep the energy from flowing but it is far from being really on my feet. I am still latched to my family members for support – in all aspects of my life.
As for the earlier title, it was generally geared towards bring back to life this weblog. For now, I continue to struggle with composing my thoughts and translating them to print. Several weeks after I thought of writing about my attempt to “Resurrect” myself, my brain remained blank.

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Personal Reflections

Chronicles of a Student Journalist: Lost

The challenge is to push myself and achieve the ultimate goal before the deadline. The deadline had come and passed. It’s over. I lost. I didn’t make it. And for the next few days, I have been beating myself over it.

I have never been confident in my writing skills, to begin with. Throughout my four years in the University, I try to learn as much as I can although I continuously face various distractions. They say it’s normal for artists, and I am a self-proclaimed artist. Oftentimes, I am still unsure.

The words “write to express, not to impress” has always been a mantra for me. However, those words are put to a new light whenever I continue to fail impressing the news desk and my internship supervisor and allow me to see my name in print in the broadsheet. I need to impress them so that my work will be worthy of publication.

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Personal Reflections

Random Musings on a Rainy Day: Unusual Gaiety

 A few years ago, I found myself walking along the flooded streets of Manila with a workmate. The Typhoon Ondoy poured (insert amount) of rain to the nation’s capital which lead the submerging of more than half of it in flood waters.  While we hiked along the gray waters, I recall poking humour at our dismal state.

The past few days, as I watched the street where our apartment building is located transform into a knee deep river, I couldn’t help but to associate songs with what was happening. Sunday evening, the song Luha by Aegis was on my head before I went to sleep after wading in the flood just to get back home from the church which is just around the block. (My sister and I had boots on). On Monday, I posted a video of Stranded by Jennifer Paige when I learned that some of our friends were stuck in the church because of the heavy downpour and flood. This morning, I took a picture of our street and posted it along with the lyrics of Tabing Ilog by Barbie’s Cradle.

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Personal Reflections

Chronicles of a Student Journalist: 15 Seconds

Whenever I see students in platform heels and day dresses during the Comguild Conference, I ask myself, “Do they really dress that way? Or are they trying to get noticed in the hope of becoming a television personality?”

I have attended the Annual Conference of Journalism and Mass Communication students by the Comguild for 3 years, as a requirement for courses. In my first year, I ignore the fashion statements. I was there for my academics, I could care less about what others are doing.

From singing contests…

There have been times during the program when they would ask if there are willing volunteers to go on stage to show what they got. Immediately, a number of students would rush to the stage. I was amazed at their guts. If ever I had the talent asked by the hosts, I wouldn’t dare go.


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Personal Reflections

Random Musings on a Rainy Day: Accusations

I found myself entangled in another he said, she said, they said issue which, sadly, involves one of my closest friends.
Many would assume that I would immediately take my friend’s side because we are friends. But I prefer to handle situations differently. My friendship does not guarantee that I would not chastise a person for ill behavior. Honestly, I am harder on my friends because I know that they have an idea on how I think and they understand the reasons behind my words and actions. My friends already had a dose of my stringent rules.
The current issue, as I learned, stemmed from misunderstood statements which lead to indirect verbal attacks by the other party through social networks.

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