SCAN_0019Wow. A whole month without an update. I was hoping that I would be updating more frequently. But alas, things like this happen.

The transition period from a year of employment seemed to hit me a bit late. I left my old job mid June. However, due to a few activities, – oh, wait, I guess visits would be a more appropriate term- I didn’t really feel the adjustment immediately.

The lack of updates does not mean that I have been completely slacking the past month as I have been working on a few personal pieces. I did finish a food illustration set and worked on a few pieces that would help me recall and practice what I’ve learned from the previous workshop.

My health has faced a little turmoil and I have yet to address that issue. Looking back on my previous employment, I certainly cannot discount the benefits of having a health plan. Health must be a top priority because it allows you to do the things you want to do easier.

I also have been reflecting on my growth as a writer. I am still trying to find my voice both in art and writing. The last thing I want is to make all of these meaningless or just plain self-serving.

Art and literature is a form of expression but it could also be a tool to reach out and help others. And I shall continue to find a way that would allow me to do so.



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