In Between

This is the first of the exercises from Writing 101: Build a Blogging Habit by The Daily Post

When I was close to graduating from my 2-year Vocational degree, I remembered promising myself to leave a mark on this world. I want to actually do something significant. A couple of years short to a decade later, I feel like I am getting nowhere.

I always had the impression that there is a need to focus on one skill to be able to be really good at it and succeed. I had a problem with that. I simply could not make up my mind which between writing and art should I drop and which should I concentrate on more.

I would usually attribute it to being torn between the two skills/talents that I both love and see myself growing in – creating art and writing. When I got a better understanding on creating an identity as a blogger, I realized that those two do not need to compete.

As a artist, I can interpret in paper (or digitally) the beauty I see in the world. I can create images of my thoughts. I can sketch portraits. I can doodle people I see. I can paint the scenes from my travels.

As a writer, I can translate in words out my views and opinions on the world. I can chronicle my journey as artist. I can share insights on my craft. I can enlighten people of my processes. And most importantly, I encourage aspiring creatives such as myself to do the things they love.

Somehow, I am blessed to be born on the decades when developments in technology can make it possible for me to pursue both.

I do not need to be torn in between.


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