Weekly Digest

Strong Daughters

1-7 January 2017


The image of the strong-willed young lady who decided to sail away from her home in attempt to save her community was still fresh in my mind when I started to work on a new practice artwork.

I was determined to keep my pace and improve. Better yet, I also hope to reach out to a wider audience.

After completing artwork, I immediately thought of what, or who to draw next.

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Weekly Digest

Capturing Christmas

27 November – 3 December 2016

The air has become cooler. Streets and buildings are adorned with lights. Malls play the familiar cheerful melodies. Parties and get-togethers are planned. People start to put up their wish lists.

An attempt to capture the lights in the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Though signs of the Christmas can been seen around, I often sarcastically ask, “Pasko na pala? (Is it Christmas already?)” or “Dama mo ba ang Pasko? (Can you feel the spirit of Christmas?)”

As I walked along the city streets, I mused about going back to the practice fo trying to capture scenes with sketches. I miss urban sketching. Somehow, I don’t seem to find the time to sit still and paint.

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You Can Never Go Wrong With A Good Dose of Matcha!

wp-1480893482477.jpgI can still recall how disappointed my office mate was of the highly talked about and anticipated cheese tart from Japan. In the opening day, she braved the queue only to be among the first few to get their hands on a box or two.

However, for her, the hype did not live up to expectations. Well, she isn’t the only one disappointed as I have read a few negative reviews on the product.

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Weekly Digest

What Makes a Hero?

9, 13-19 November 2016

Last November 9, Instagram’s @sketch_dailies picked female heroes or #sheroes as prompts for one week. With the prompts, I drew She-Ra and and Wonderwoman. Within the same week, the #sheroes prompt inspired me to draw Pyrrha Nikos from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY.

Wonder Woman

“If it means interfering in an ensconced, outdated system, to help just one woman, man or child…I’m willing to accept the consequences.” -Wonder Woman #170

Looking back at what I’ve drawn (as well as one recent issue in our country), I reflected –

What  do we look for in a person to be considered a hero? Or, rather, what makes a person a hero? Continue reading “What Makes a Hero?”

Weekly Digest

Back with Watercolors


6-12 November 2016

The past month has been dedicated to creating sketches or illustrations with ink as medium because of the InkTober challenge. While I can use colored markers, I opted for grays and blacks most of the time. Prior that, I tried working with brush pens like Sakura Sai and Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen.

After purchasing a Monologue sketchbook from Fully Booked and two waterbrushes from Craft Central, I decided to bring my Sakura Koi watercolor field sketch kit with me to work.
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Weekly Digest

Worst Heroes Ever

I may not be a real hardcore comic book fan, but the trailers and promotional clips of the Suicide Squad really caught my attention.

The synopsis may seem too simple – a group of villains were brought together by a secret government agency for a classified mission. However, there is something about the characters that piques your interest. Continue reading “Worst Heroes Ever”

Weekly Digest

Fiery Heads

18-24 July 2016

After quite some time, I finally felt compelled(I think) to draw/paint something more than the usual uninspired sketches.  I started with a random attempt to paint Sansa Stark. After I finished the practice piece, I just kept going – three portraits in three days.

I guess, being asked to report something at work gave me enough nudge to actually pull myself out of my rut.

I have an idea of who to paint for the coming week, but feel free to comment or suggest who you want me to draw.

Events and Experiences

An Afternoon in the National Museum

(a very late post)

Last month, my best friend, sister and I scheduled a trip to the National Museum. Entrance was free for females last March in celebration of Women’s Month.

I took the opportunity to step out of the house and get more inspired with art as well as to reacquaint myself with camera. I really needed the practice.

The National Museum houses a vast collection of works which includes, of course, those by Luna, Hidalgo, Amorsolo, Tolentino and other great artists.

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