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A Rainy Afternoon for Watercolor Florals

For quite some time, I have been following Ms. Carla Chua in instragram and I have been amazed on her growth as an artist. I especially admire how effortless her flower paintings look. From time to time I see her photos of workshops that she conducts.


I am interested in attending more workshops to enhance my skill. However, I usually have second thoughts on several factors and among them is the venue and of course, cost.

The first time I attended a watercolor workshop focused on flowers was with Joannie Candi and Mimi Camille way back in December 2015 in Lizzy Latte, Makati. While I did learn a lot from the workshop – techniques that I don’t think I will know on my own, I know that I haven’t fully grasped effectively painting watercolor flowers.

When Carla Chua announced that she will move the venue of her July 29 workshop to Plaza Cafe in Makati, I grabbed the opportunity to take enroll the class.

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Weekly Digest

A Passion for Food and Art

16-22 July 2017

coffee and doughnuts
Coffee and doughnuts: Sugary breakfast on the go

One look at my instagram feed and it’s obvious that I like art and food.

Most of the time, I sketch portraits – celebrity or imaginary. But in between the faces, I include photos of food that I prepare. Usually, the recipes are experimental.

Last week, I didn’t feel like drawing the usual portraits. I looked at my phone album to somehow find inspiration.

After a few scrolls, I considered drawing some of the food I have eaten.

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Weekly Digest

Getting Back in the Groove

( 25 Jun-1 July 2017)

The young witch Kiki from The Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service

After a little over a year, I decided to resign from the 8-6 office job and move back to a freelance, home-based position. It’s crazy. With the current unemployment rate in the country, I was lucky to have a permanent job in a big company. But I ask myself, was it really worth it?

I would probably expound on that dilemma in a different post. For now, I rather focus on my return to creating more artwork.

So, what have I been doing lately?

As always, in between freelance projects, I juggle between watercolors and digital painting.

I am trying to create faster digital artworks. For now, I try as much as possible to paint in less than an hour. Somehow, I think that I am getting back to the groove.

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9 Days Before Christmas

As I try to capture the sights and sounds of Christmas through art, I certainly cannot skip on one of the most important traditions in the country – the Simbang Gabi.scan12162016225614_006-001

Every dawn from the 16th of December to the morning before Christmas, families, friends, individuals flock to churches for the Simbang Gabi.

The Simbang Gabi is a 9-day novena observed by the Roman Catholics and Aglipayans in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The novena ends with the Misa de Gallo on Christmas eve to welcome the birth of the Christ.

Some Protestant churches also hold evening services during those dates to celebrate Christmas.
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Weekly Digest

More Than the Sights, More Than the Feelings

4-10 December 2016

scan12112016154655_002Christmas has always been associated with merriment and festivities. It is the time of the year, when whole cities would light up in multitudes of colors; some which would even vie for having the biggest tree. The streets are aglow with more than just street lamps. Buildings each have their own decor. Themed attractions are also put up. Everything is bright and happy.

Of course, there is also abundance of night markets hoping to capitalize on this season of “gift-giving.”

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Weekly Digest

Back with Watercolors


6-12 November 2016

The past month has been dedicated to creating sketches or illustrations with ink as medium because of the InkTober challenge. While I can use colored markers, I opted for grays and blacks most of the time. Prior that, I tried working with brush pens like Sakura Sai and Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen.

After purchasing a Monologue sketchbook from Fully Booked and two waterbrushes from Craft Central, I decided to bring my Sakura Koi watercolor field sketch kit with me to work.
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