Back with Watercolors


6-12 November 2016

The past month has been dedicated to creating sketches or illustrations with ink as medium because of the InkTober challenge. While I can use colored markers, I opted for grays and blacks most of the time. Prior that, I tried working with brush pens like Sakura Sai and Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen.

After purchasing a Monologue sketchbook from Fully Booked and two waterbrushes from Craft Central, I decided to bring my Sakura Koi watercolor field sketch kit with me to work.


My initial concern is that my skills with using watercolors has return to nil.  I dread the lack of improvement. However, that is why one must not stop practicing.

My progress seems slow, but I am certain that there are differences in the way I handle the medium.

Here are two of the morning sketches I made last week.


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