More Than the Sights, More Than the Feelings

4-10 December 2016

scan12112016154655_002Christmas has always been associated with merriment and festivities. It is the time of the year, when whole cities would light up in multitudes of colors; some which would even vie for having the biggest tree. The streets are aglow with more than just street lamps. Buildings each have their own decor. Themed attractions are also put up. Everything is bright and happy.

Of course, there is also abundance of night markets hoping to capitalize on this season of “gift-giving.”

scan12112016154655_003Christmas has also been associated with family reunions and friends’ get togethers. People flocking homeward has been a usual sight several days prior to the 24th to gather in the family home to celebrate the holidays. The young ones’ are usually eager to see their favorite aunt or uncle or to receive something special from dear grandma. At the same time, the older members of the family are busy preparing gifts as well as sorting out the menu for the family feast on Christmas eve.

Friends, well, specifically classmates from high school, try to contact as many as they can, to set a meet up or a party knowing a lot usually would head to their hometown for the holidays.

But more than a season for gifts and wonders, Christmas is a season for prayers. For Christian such as myself, it is the commemoration of the birth of the Messiah. Four Sundays before Christmas Day, we light a candle in the Advent wreath. Each candle symbolizes the virtues of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. And as we light each candle, we pray for Hope, Love, Joy and Peace be in our lives Рnot just for Christians- but for the whole world.

At Christmas Day, the Christ candle is lit, to remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. And through Him we serve to spread Hope, Love, Joy and Peace to the world.

The artworks are made with Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box Watercolors, Uni-ball Signo White ,and Unipin Fine Line pens (0.05,0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) painted in a Monologue soft sketchbook

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