You Can Never Go Wrong With A Good Dose of Matcha!

wp-1480893482477.jpgI can still recall how disappointed my office mate was of the highly talked about and anticipated cheese tart from Japan. In the opening day, she braved the queue only to be among the first few to get their hands on a box or two.

However, for her, the hype did not live up to expectations. Well, she isn’t the only one disappointed as I have read a few negative reviews on the product.

15369620_700445540132918_1025210762_o.jpgMy sister and I, though curious, decided to wait until the hype has died down – or when the people are no longer forming long queues. Despite the feedback, we still wanted to taste it.

Last week, Mom decided to fly here to Manila to visit us. We thought of it as a good time to try it out. Besides the plain cheese tart, chocolate and matcha flavors are also available. It’s not surprising that we went for matcha given that we are suckers for that.

The crust was flaky. The filling was light. However, it wasn’t as gooey as it was expected to be. We assumed that it is because it is already cool.

As for the flavor, we are not disappointed. It is one of the few products that we enjoyed full bodied matcha flavor, not just subtle hints of it. The mochi balls and adzuki paste added extra flavor and texture to the tart.

Over all, it was a pleasant experience. But with the price, maybe, we shall just enjoy this on special occasions. 😉


The artworks are made with Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box Watercolors and Unipin Fine Line pens (0.05,0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) painted in a Monologue soft sketchbook.

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