Let Me Make A Wish

Lights from the Ayala Triangle Gardens
Christmas is so near. Yet, I don’t feel it that much. The weather in Manila remain warm even if the temperature has been lower. At home, the only decor we have is a a sinamay decor that we used on the stairs of the old house we rented. No lights, no trees, no wreaths or lanterns.

I got gifts from exchange gifts from Christmas parties at school, work and church. I was part of a Christmas cantata and even designed the backdrop. Yet, I still don’t feel it.

I guess, the idea of how commercialized Christmas has been dampened my feelings toward the celebration. Perhaps, the idea of how much problems the country is facing prevents me from having a really Merry Christmas. And worse, witnessing what was going on the church I’m attending adds despair from my already down spirits.

Amidst all the merrymaking and holiday rush around, I cannot join the people around them. I cannot think of gifts, parties and enjoying the holidays. Not when the distorted perception of the holiday lingers and is instilled in the minds of the majority. Not when the government decides based on vested interests. Not when the people who are preaching God’s words are the ones who are not following it.

For this season, I am not wishing for the material things (though I need them in my studies). I wish for compassion. I wish for unity. I wish for a greater understanding. I wish that that once again, people may see that Star in Bethlehem and understand the message of Christ’s birth.

I wish for peace. I wish for love.


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