Resting by the lake, my brother and sister who guided my steps as we walk back up
Usually, it is the hardships the binds people closer together. Sharing the struggles and fighting against it to survive can open our eyes to the people who share the same goals. And during those problems, those who either offer their hand, give encouragement or simply, cheer you on, are the people whom you should look up to and not forget. They are the ones who shares your success.
After a few mornings when we can barely get up due to the cold, my siblings and I mustered the strength to wake up early to walk to the lake. The trek will be an hour of downward slopes and winding roads. It definitely  is a challenge for our legs as we are going to try keeping our balance most especially when the descents are steep. 
I walked to the lake once when I stayed during the semestral break. You don’t really get tired to easily when you walk to the lake. Probably, the cool climate helps a lot. The problem will be walking back. Instead of steep descents, you will be facing the reverse.
I haven’t tried walking back from the lake to my mother’s church. Because it is really hard. I don’t have enough stamina to do so. It definitely is hard to drag 90 kilos upward. 
That morning, I wanted to much to look for a tricycle that would bring us back up. I was breathing hard. I can feel my chest pounding. But my brother and sister said “No.” They want to walk up if they can. My sister will join me if I get a trike. But my brother wants to keep going. That time, I wanted to hate my brother for the guilt-trip. 
It must be fate that decided not to send any vehicle to help me from my misery. So, together, we climbed to the top. There were stops along the way to catch our(well, mostly mine,) breaths. 
After 45 minute,  I can see the church near a ravine. We were closer to where we started. And in this trek when the choose not to give up on me, we became closer.


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