Hard or Soft

Late in the evening of Sunday, I rushed to the flyover in Roxas Blvd to take pictures of an accident – a motorcycle rider collided with a Honda Civic and ended up with his body mangled.

Midday of Monday, I took a cab to a five-star hotel to accompany a friend to a press launch of a musical – the longest running musical in the world – which will be performing for audiences in this country.
Those hours got me adrenaline overload. 
Though I can smell the putrid scent of the carcass that Sunday evening, I managed to come closer and take the shots.
My awkwardness in social functions could make me shiver and shrink that Monday but I got a grip of myself and did what I had to do – take the shots.
I knew, then, that I can handle hard news such as an accident. But my heart is closer to lifestyle and entertainment news like the press launch. 
I can go both ways. I am left with less than two years in college… Let’s see when I get to the real world.

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