To Be Young Again

For my theater buddy Kate’s birthday, her sister decided to set up a Snoopy-themed party. And Team Pakisama (what we call our Trumpets Musical Theater-Adults 2010 class) was invited.

Initially, I wanted to go as Marcie. But due to my aversion to the color orange (errr.. Or I just don’t have clothes in that color), I decided to look for a character whose clothes can be found in my closet. I stumbled upon this fella:

… and remembered an episode when a girl tricked Linus into giving her his blanket. Her name is Eudora.

After a not-so-long drive to Kate’s place, the Team Pakisama was greeted by a cart full of cakes and sweets and a table with yummy food. In the other side of the hall, they set up tables with Snoopy books, a ball toss game and of course, the Psychiatric Help booth. There was even a “pabitin.”
I am not really a big fan of parties. I prefer to be surrounded by close friends instead being in a room with a lot of strangers. But there is something in that event that made me feel relaxed.
We feasted on the party snacks and got high on the sugary treats. We fought our way to get some of the prizes hanging in the “pabitin.” We blew bubbles and popped them. We cuddled with dogs, even if one or two attempted to bite back. We sang songs with the birthday girl even if we forgot the lyrics.
As the sun sets, my theater friends talked about how they want to plan their own parties with themes that are reminiscent of our younger years – from Carebears to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We even recalled the cartoons we used to watched.
We brought home a loot bag filled with Kate’s favorite snacks – many of which are also the snacks that reminded us of our own childhood.
As I munch on the last Yan Yan biscuit stick, I can’t help but to exclaim, “Oh, how fun it is to be young again.”

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