To the Man who First Broke my Heart,

I will not make this lengthy. After all, no amount of words can fully explain what has happened and how it affected us.


It would have been easier if you came clean and explained to us what happened, if not starting from the very beginning, at least, the past decade. Alas, all we had are promises that we no longer believe in. The years of lies and deceit taught us not to easily trust.

We are still broken.

No matter how we try to put on a brave face and try to continue living our lives, a part of us will still be haunted by the snippets of the past. But despite that, we will continue to move forward and shape our destinies.

I am still broken. But I will not remain broken. Unlike you, who wanted to just ignore the past and just move forward, I will use the lessons of the past to forge a better destiny. I know better than to push those memories into my subconscious only to be have them popping into the conscious memory once in a while.

I want to be healed and to break from the invisible chains you have on me.

I will be better. I will be stronger. Soon, I will hurt no more.




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