Of Doodles and Sketches and #OOTDs

When I was grade school, I have contemplated on an art related jobs as a career. I thought of being a cartoonist or an illustrator. And because of my fascination on paper dolls, I have considered designing clothes.

However, I live in a town where the usual career path is somehow limited to the medical, engineering, law and business fields. A career in the arts are often  reduced to a mere hobby. “Walang pera d’yan (There is no money there),” is the common reaction.

Forward to almost two decades. After attempting to go for a career related to information technology or specifically, a degree in Computer Science, I ended up finding myself back to the path I love.

Surely, you cannot really separate a person from what his/her soul is passionate about.

While I am currently in an 9-6 office work, I still immerse myself to creative projects – lay outs, illustration, painting. I still draw a lot. I make time in the morning, before the office hours start to keep practicing. And for the past two weeks, I have been doodling the things I have worn. Well, I don’t really like posting my pictures online so might as well draw~

Everyday, I try to create a sort of mood or story apart from merely drawing my #ootd. With my limited wardrobe, I don’t think I can just draw the clothes I am wearing.

The exercise brings back childhood memories of drawing grown up women in different clothes. But unlike those memories, I am not creating “new” designs. It’s just me and what I have on.  I don’t think I am fashion savvy but working with these illustrations helped me with better poses.

I guess, I might end up with this exercise soon.  As I said before, I have a rather limited wardrobe. Or maybe, I can move on with drawing what other people are wearing. Or maybe, I can get back to imagining new clothes.

Also, this month (October) is for Inktober. I can give this #ootd doodles a rest for a while and better focus on creating better Inktober sketches. 😉


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