Exploring Brushpens with Disney Princesses

Phew! It has been a while since I have updated here. A lot of things had happened. Mostly, I was busy with the pile of work in the office.

Initially, I thought of bringing my Sakura Koi travel set to allow me to keep practicing even at work. Somehow I found it rather inconvenient. Laying out the whole set on my desk and taking time in choosing and mixing the colors can take time and space. The need to allow the artwork dry also takes much time.

Passing by the bookstore, I noticed individual colored pens with brushes. Curious, I read the labels and suddenly had the urge to try them. Of course, I have to think of how much they cost. 100+ PHP per color is pretty steep.

From that time on, every time I go to the mall, I wanted to drop by to that bookstore to check on those. Eventually I ended up buying some and have been practicing with them for over two weeks now.

After several random doodles, I decided to take on specific faces and looks. Since I usually draw females and at that time I saw a random image of Emma Watson online, I tried painting on Disney princesses. I started with Belle.


Mulan is not technically a princess but she will always be my favorite among the roster.


Of course, Merida comes in a second. It’s pretty obvious why. I prefer stronger female characters.


Lastly, I tried working with the colors I have for my own take on Pocahontas.


The moment I tried working with these brushes, I immediately fell in love. The colors are great. They are easy to use. And it makes my daily sketch practice more convenient.

It’s a great that I found a way to still practice my talent while in an 8-6 job. ~



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