Trying My Hand at Drawings Chibis

11-17 December 2016

As I continue to create artworks that could capture Christmas, I thought drawing scenes involving happy little children, girls specifically, enjoying the holidays. The first thing I drew is this little girl who is happily holding a parol or a Christmas lantern.

Next, I tried painting  a girl singing carols. I wasn’t too pleased with that. I dislike it so much that I won’t post it here.

I gave it another try. This time, instead of using watercolors, I opted for my brush pen set. It can get infuriating at times. Either I lack control of my hands or I am too unfamiliar with how to work with brush pens. In addition to that, I still haven’t mastered highlights and shadows (for like.. forever).

Eventually,  I drew quite a lot of chibi girls in various activities. Here are what some of what I’ve drawn for the past week:

The artworks (except the first one) are drawn using Sakura Koi brush pens, Uni-ball Signo White, and Unipin Fine Line pens (0.05,0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) on watercolor paper. The first artwork is made using Sakura Koi watercolors.




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