…And I Put on My Headphones.

15-21 January 2017

scan_0011The recent week has proven to be more difficult artistically than usual. I started it with the unispired feeling. It translated to my artistic attempts.

I tried to draw something for a film review that I planned to write. But alas, it seems that I couldn’t make it work. Too much noise is drowning out my thoughts. Somehow these noise seem to be draining me.

So I took out my almost worn out head phones from my workstation drawers, and transported myself someplace else.

scan_0012Altenative rock, indie pop, punk rock, symphonic metal and even movie soundtracks – I treated my ears as I retreated myself into a bubble.

In the last two days of the work week, I once again attempted to doodle something. At last, I managed to draw something more polished than my first few attempts.

As the week ended, I am grateful that despite the block I experienced I managed to push through and create something. Music, indeed, is a wonderful force that can shelter and inspire us.

The artworks are made using Sakura Koi Watercolors and Unipin Fine Line pens (0.05,0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) on Monologue soft sketchbook.


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