Simply Phantasmagorical!

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I couldn’t find enough words to express how overwhelmed I was two weeks ago.
While the exhibit is a sort of culminating activity for the Children’s Book Illustration workshop by 98-B HQ, it was more than just that.

Weeks before, we attended a series of workshops to better equip us with skills that could aid us creating stories out of images.From wordless storybooks (which I haven’t done since I started in the 2nd session), to character development, we were given tasks and tips and techniques that could enable us flesh out the images in our minds.

Sir Mark guided us more than just in creating illustrations but also in immersing ourselves in the art scene through the exhibit which opened the same day as the Escolta Block Party. (And yes, area was packed from afternoon to evening)

Here are a few snapshots from that day.

We concealed the holes in walls where grids where used to be mounted.

Looking back, being an artist/illustrator does not end in just creating artworks. A crucial part of the industry involves marketing yourself and establishing connections. That is something I really need to work on. The workshop and exhibit gave me a closer look at that.


When it was not that busy, Gab (@gabgatch), Heaven(@heavenlyanne), Lianca (@liancaaa) and I  grabbed a chance for a group pic with our mentor, Sir Mark Salvatus.

Many thanks to our 98-B especially to Sir Mark! I am very grateful not just for the experience and the lessons but also for the friendship through my workshop classmates.

You can check out 98-B’s facebook pages (98-B COLLABoratory/98-B HQ) for workshops and events.


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