Art Basics with Mr. Fernando Sena


A  few weeks ago, I came across this poster while I was browsing in Facebook.

“A free art workshop!” I gasped.  It has a limited number of slots. And since that it is by a known art organization, these may be filled up quickly. So, I immediately entered my information and hit submit.

I have been looking for workshops to further enhance my skills and to learn even the basics – things that you can get from formal training.

Mr. Fernando Sena earned the reputation for being the Father of Philippine Art Workshops for continuously sharing his knowledge in painting. A graduate of University of the East School of Music and Fine Arts, he started volunteering to teach in the Children’s Museum and Library(CMLI) art classes as soon as he earned his degree. At present, he continues to conduct workshops to underprivileged areas in Manila, in other provinces as well as to cancer patients, and even prisoners in jail.

ArtBasics (1)Mr. Sena started the lecture by letting us sketch a bottle or a vase. He noted how all of us clearly do not have formal art training. From then, he started with the basics in sketching. From the use of shapes to draw the objects to the basics on drawing a portrait.

After the basics, he called on two of the organizers who will stand as models for our sketch. With the instructions and tips, I was able to make this quick portrait sketch.

He then proceeded with the lesson on drawing using oil pastel. We did not have enough time for the lesson but he managed to give us a quick lecture on blending and using shadows. We are then told to try doing what he taught us with the flowers and fruit set on the table. ArtBasics (2)

I was concerned with the time, so I didn’t make the drawing big.

By 4PM, the workshop was over. It was quick but it covered a lot. I am greatly amazed at how Mr. Sena handled it despite the time constraints.

The workshop was organized by Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development (CANVAS) in celebration of Mitsubishi’s 100th Anniversary. Mitsubishi has been supporting CANVAS in promoting Philippine art and culture since 2016.

For more information on the workshops by Mr. Fernando Sena, you can visit the official Facebook page of the Buenas Artes Art Facility.

Thank you CANVAS, Mitsubishi, and of course, Mr. Fernando Sena, for that delightful afternoon!




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