From Victoria Peak to Tsim Sha Tsui

(The Hong Kong DIY Trip 2 of 2)

We started the first day of November (the second day of our trip) early. After a quick breakfast, we walked to Gilman Street. From there, we alighted the westbound tram which took us to Murray Street.

From there, we walked to The Peak Tram station. The Victoria Peak is said to be a great spot to visit during the afternoon to evening. However, due to the massive number of tourists, we opted for an early morning visit. The weather was also perfect for a morning trek.


Lugard Road is the starting section of Hong Kong Trail. The Hong Kong trail is an eight stage long-distance walking route from Victoria Peak to Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay). For more information on the Hong Kong Trail, visit Enjoy Hiking.

The air was cool. The sun was warm enough to balance the coldness of the air but not hot enough to scorch the skin. Definitely a perfect time for a nature walk.

The trail also offers this breathtaking view of the city. This would be even more beautiful in the evening, when the city is lit up.

Besides enjoying the sights in the trail, tourists may check out other attractions in The Peak like Madame Tussaud’s and the Trick Eye Museum.

From the The Peak, we made our way to central for lunch. (I will post what we ate, as well as our whole itinerary, in the next blog.)

Ornaments on Pottinger Street

We took a stroll along Hollywood Road. There, we checked out the street art like the murals scattered around the city.

After the long stroll, Mom decided to tap out and just stay in the hostel for the afternoon. So, my sister and I headed to Kowloon.

From Causeway Bay, we took the MTR to Jordan. From the station, we walked southward along Nathan Road to Kowloon Park.

After a short stop in the park, we continued our walk until we reach the Hong Kong Cultural Center.


We found a spot to rest our legs and I decided to sketch the view.


After sometime, we continued strolled along the pier. We stopped by the clock tower for a bit before going to pier where we will take us back to Hong Kong island.


Other places of interest in Tsim Sha Tsui include the Avenue of Stars (which was under renovation during our visit), Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. You can also catch a better view of the Symphony of Lights (every night at 8PM) in the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier area.



Right in the busy streets of Causeway Bay is the first Rabbit cafe in Hong Kong. The Rabbitland Cafe is just along Jaffe Road and houses around a dozen of the cuddly furry creatures.


They offer simple snacks and sandwiches, as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks. You order a combo set meal to enjoy unlimited hours with the bunnies. Or you can just pay a fee just to play with them.

Guests are required to wear socks before entering the premises.

Aren’t they adorable~?

Rabbitland Cafe is located at 3/F 530 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay. You may contact them at or +852 5281 0280 for reservation.


Hong Kong has a lot to offer. We barely scratched the surface of the rich art, culture, food and heritage of these group of islands. Our three-day-two-night-trip is barely enough. I look forward to visit Hong Kong again.

For more information on self-guided tours in Hong Kong, visit Discover Hong Kong.


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