Munching Our Way Around Hong Kong

Pasta, noodles, rice, toasts and pastries – we gobbled a whole lot of carbs in various forms during our 3-day-2-night trip in Asia’s World City.

We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport close to noon. So, for our first meal, we had noodles from the Tsui Wah Restaurant near the place where we stayed.

Fish Ball and Cake Noodles
Noodles with Fish Balls and Fish Cake from Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hong Kong

Tsui Wah Restaurant is one of the the many cha chaan tengs or Hong Kong tea restaurants. These are affordable places where you can enjoy a huge variety of dishes from noodles, rice and toasts. The mix of western and eastern influences is evident with the toast options for breakfast and noodle and rice sets for lunch.

Unlike the other more traditional cha chaan tengs, Tsui Wah is chain restaurant. Other chain restaurant options are Cafe Matchbox and Cafe de Coral.

Breakfast at Cafe Matchbox, Hong Kong
Breakfast at Cafe Matchbox consists of egg and toast sets served with either tea or coffee.

International fastfood restaurants like McDonald’s also incorporated the usual Hong Kong fare in their menu. The macaroni soup is a typical Hong Kong breakfast option. McDonald’s serves it with either a sausage or ham, a hash brown and coffee.


My sister couldn’t resist the matcha layer cake on McCafe display, so, we got one along with our breakfast.

Besides the fastfood restaurants, Hong Kong also has a number of internationally recognized restaurants and shops. And they do not have to be very expensive. One of them is Michelin recommended Yat Lok Restaurant which offers succulent and flavorful roast goose.

Yat Lok Roast Goose, Hong Kong
Yat Lok Restaurant’s roast goose can be served either with rice or noodles. Order some vegetables on the side for a balanced meal.
Lee Keung Kee Waffles
Crunchy exterior with pillowy centers, these egg waffles from Lee Keung Kee Waffles, Kowloon are delicious and light snack options as you stroll around the city.

The egg waffles are a popular street snack in Hong Kong and some are also recommended Michelin Guide. While my sister and I were walking towards Victoria Harbour, we passed by Lee Keung Kee Waffles. Of course, we can’t continue our journey without having some of their pillowy treats.

Hong Kong also has a fair share of delicious baked goodies and desserts. One of the most unforgettable desserts we had were this silky egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery.  What I like the most about this tart is that it wasn’t too sweet. The filling is smooth and creamy while the crust is buttery and soft. I could gobble three of these in one go!

Besides their famous egg tarts, they also sell various  meat filled buns and other sweet pastries.


Kee Wah Bakery is also a go to place for cookies and other pastries. They offer packs which are perfect items to give as pasalubong or food souvenirs to loved ones and friends from home. My favorites are the melon pastry and the coffee cookies.

pineapple bun

Another popular baked good is the pineapple bun. During our trip, we got a red bean filled one from Tsui Wah.

These are just a few of the places where we ate during our Hong Kong trip. These places are chosen based on recommendations from other bloggers, and friends who had been in the territory as well as our itinerary.


Extra: What we ate in Ocean Park


Golden Fried Chicken, Hong Kong
Fried Chicken and Fries and Baked Rice from Golden Fried Chicken, Hong Kong Ocean Park


Ocean Park Hong Kong is the first place we visited during our trip. We bought tickets from Klook. You can also opt to buy tickets with a set meal either from a kiosk or a restaurant. We opted for the meals from a kiosk.

We chose to buy food from Golden Fried Chicken. The choice is either 2-pc fried chicken with fries and baked rice with fries. Both are served with drinks. We were surprised with the huge servings. The breading is a bit heavy though. But given it is a theme park meal, and we were tired and hungry at that time, it was good enough. We even went home with the left overs. It  was a pretty much a good deal. 😀




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