Bun Appetit: A Perfect Marriage of Seafood and Bread

Bun Appetit Lobster Roll

Imagine this: a soft roll, buttered and toasted, then stuffed with juicy well seasoned lobster meat. It was so warm, succulent and comforting that I didn’t mind the hefty 595-peso-price.

I had work-related activities one Friday. And knowing that The Pantree food hall, where sandwich shop is located is just a few steps away from the office, I headed there as soon as I was done. I have read a lot about Bun Appetit when they were only available during the Salcedo weekend market. When I learned that they have a booth that serves their sandwiches on weekends, I listed it to my must visit/try list.

Besides lobster, they also serve crab and shrimp rolls as well as grilled cheese sandwiches the with the aforementioned seafood. They also offer Mexican grilled corn and garlic noodles as sides.

Bun Appetit Shrimp Grilled Cheese

I got myself the lobster roll for brunch and the shrimp grilled cheese as a takeaway.

At first look, the lobster roll looked quite small. But the size can be quite deceiving. The bun was filled with so much lobster meat that in every bite you taste the pleasant mix of the juicy seafood and creamy butter. Adding sriracha gives another flavor dimension to the already delicious sandwich. I felt stuffed after consuming the whole thing.

As for the shrimp grilled cheese, I have let it sit on the fridge. I reheated it the next day and hoped that it will still taste good. When I sliced the sandwich and saw the cheese stretch, I became even more excited. They elevated a simple grilled cheese not only with the quality of the cheese but with the addition of the shrimp.

It might be very pricey for a sandwich. But if I can treat myself to something this good once in a while, I wouldn’t might a little occasional splurge.

You can get their delicious sandwiches at the Salcedo Market on Saturdays from 7AM- to 2pm (or until stocks last). You can also follow them in Instagram (@bun_appetit) or Facebook (bunappetitph) for updates.


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