#ArtforEveryone: A Few Weeks Late

27: Support

Two months ago, I started a personal challenge to sketch 31 artworks in ink based on the shows I have watched. I was excited in the first few days. Having planned the shows to sketch, I thought that things would go smoothly since I don’t have to over think about the subject per prompt. I even sorted out the how I would schedule the posts so I would not spam my feed with ink sketches.

The first week passed quite smoothly. Then, I faced my first hurdle – drawing multiple humans in a frame. Prompts 9 (Family) and 10 (Clique) required more than five people in each sketch. At that point, my [already minuscule] confidence started to wane. Few days back, I was hoping to produce more decent ink sketches compared to the previous years. However, I was left unsatisfied with the succeeding sketches.
When I got to prompts 20 (Heart) and 21 (Power), I was already disheartened by the sketches I had produced. At that moment, I decided to give it a rest.

I distracted my self from any thought of that unfinished challenge. I avoided checking my Instagram feed. I have diverted my attention to different things – from binge watching shows to a massive consumption of videos by a certain South Korea-based idol group.

Even my podcast, suffered because of the slump.

Eventually, I found myself buying two canvases and tried my hand with acrylic painting. As I finished the two paintings, my brain started to buzz with ideas – more creative projects.

Once again, I felt alive.

Somehow, I found the inspiration that could push me out of that rut. After two months, I picked up from where I left off and started sketching away. By the 14th of December, I completed the challenge.


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