#ArtforEveryone: Taking on Another Challenge

Almost ever year, I try to take part on a few art challenges like Watercolor Month on July (I have problems completing this, alas! But you can find my attempt here) and Inktober every October (You can find some of my attempts here and here.)

This year has been quite a mess which is quite tragic considering how much I looked forward to creating a better one. I had to look back at my post last February to remind me of what my goals are – to continue learning, to keep exploring, and to be relentless in creating.

After quite a long down time, I found a community of aspiring artists which became such a haven. Somehow, I managed to push myself out of a rut. With a boost from those lovely people, I am back trying to pick up to where I left off.

It’s Inktober Again.

And now that October is fast approaching, I decided to mix things up and try something different. Before, I tried to participate in the Inktober challenge by following the official prompt list or a prompt list made by another artist.

By the way, here is this year’s official prompt list:

And here are a few of the interesting ones made by other artists I found in Instagram:

Creating My Own Prompt List

For this year’s challenge, I decided to come up with my own list of prompts. Prior my decision, I was looking for a prompt list that I might be interested in following. I came across a list called fantober or fanartober. My eyes looked up at a small piece of paper that I pinned at my desk. The paper contained a list of the shows I have watched recently. I wrote them in that paper to remind me to draw a fan art for the shows are art practice.

With that, I arranged the list of TV shows and anime that I have watched recently. There was a voice at the back of my head that reminded me that not everyone could have watched the same things as I have. Looking back, I have thought of encouraging people to create in their own way. And my initial list felt a bit exclusive. Challenges like this feels better when done in a community.

With that in mind, I changed the prompt into a list of words that could reflect an aspect the shows I wanted to draw. With that, anyone can pick any show that could also represent that word. Here is what I came up with:

If you want to use my prompt list, you can base your artwork on any show, movie, anime or book that you think best fits with the key word. Don’t forget to tag me or use the hashtag #EMInkArtChallenge so I can see your works, too.

Enjoy, and I look forward to see y’all keep creating art~

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