Movie Mania

It was probably because we haven’t seen a movie an months… and yeah, there have been lots of good movies. ah, excuses…

My sister and I watched 2 movies this weekend. Well actually, we watched the other one on a Monday.

That Saturday we feasted our eyes on a dancing (and toe-touching) Meryl Streep, a singing (with a really strained voice) Pierce Brosnan and a gay(I still can’t believe it) Colin Firth.


We are musical lovers and we enjoyed crazy antics and of course, the music by ABBA. 😀 Amanda Seyfried indeed is a very promising talent.

We also made it a point to watch the film which stars a young actor whose recent death has made the it the most talked about movie of the year. And, the movie didn’t fail our expectations.

What makes this film work? The casting is great. The dialogues are great. The overall feel of the film is great. Even the transitions are perfected. This is the best hero film of all time. 😀
(will post a long overdue review)We are happy. Each single peso we spent is really worth it. 😀


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