Rainy Days and Thursdays

June 23, 2011. This marks the first week in our new residence in Ermita, Manila. And with that, down the rain pours.
I could recall, two years back, the year we moved from Cavite to a house in Pandacan. A few months later, we came across the typhoon Ondoy.  Ondoy is very unforgettable due to the amount of damage it churned out to thousands of Filipinos. Ondoy also forced me to walk along Quirino Ave from Pedro Gil Street to West Zamora with thigh-high waters. It is the first time I submerged my feet to the murky waters produced by the poorly structured and clogged drainage and sewage system of Metro Manila and also, the overflowing dams due to the large amount of rainfall.
Almost two years later, the typhoon Falcon passed along the eastern side of the Luzon pulling rainclouds that submerged the street where we currently reside. The pool of water was mid leg deep and grimy. Yet, a pack of boys, not older than twelve, waded and swam in the brown-gray water. I could only gasp in disapproval. As the sun moved closer to the west horizon, men with shirts off joins the pool party huddling in their own clique.
No, I am not writing another homily on how we are treating nature. I guess, for now, I rather recollect on the past few years of my life in Manila. Being locked inside a 32 sq. m. room without television and poor broadband connection gives you more than enough time to think.
I had a job two years ago. Now, I am a second year student (for the third time).
We stayed in a two storey house. We live in a third floor studio type unit.
We resided in almost-seclusion. We, now, inhabit a unit steps away from the mall.
We woke up with the smell of canine and feline waste. We wake up with the sun’s greetings.
A lot has changed in our living condition. Though, one thing fails to elude us – Metro Manila floods. But that also changed a bit. We experience floods outdoors. The floods haunted us both indoors and outdoors, then.
I still look forward to better days.

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