Random Musings on a Rainy Day: Lone Wolf

“I am socially awkward.”

I told my friend that I am uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger let alone being in a group of people. He gave me a (sort-of) task to look after his other friend while he act as the GRO (I continue to have mental images when he inform us of his role) of the photowalk.

A photography blogger group organized a photowalk entitled OTW (Off To Walk). My friend is part of the organizing crew so he is frequently chatting with his fellow organizers and the other people who decided to join the walk.

Due to their ad in the social networking site/blog, a huge crowd gathered for the activity. They have to split us into groups. My friend made sure that we are in the same group. But he reminded me that he won’t stay by my side the whole afternoon. He has GRO(yes.. mental image) responsibilities to attend to.

Some of the people who joined the walk actually approached me and tried to have small talk. I also ended up hanging out (this includes singing random songs) with one of the organizing group’s members who I have met in their photowalk where I first joined them.

There are lots of people, but I still felt alone. I shared laughter, songs and light chatter but in the sea of people I remained solitary.

I continue to think about the difference between the introverts and the extroverts and in which classification do I fit.


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